Developing Solutions to Industry and Academia

Educational Solutions

ATIR develops and enhances virtual science laboratories, simulations and other educational technologies for Academia. These educational solutions are integrated into educational packages. All our educational technology innovations centre around problem solving, critical thinking and real work applications. We provide bespoke solutions for K-12 and higher educational institutions. Contact us at to let us fully understand your educational goals.


According to research, many students drop out from school due to not being able to grasp science concepts as they find the application of mathematics difficult. We at ATIR develop interactive software packages, which allow students to master these skills to promote active/meaningful learning, to provide students with the ability to understand and apply the gained knowledge to concepts being studied, to find solutions and to promote skills in problem-solving tasks. They will allow students to become more confident and to achieve higher results in their respective disciplines. We are currently developing educational solutions for our parent company, the Academy for International Science and Research (AISR), which include interactive lesson plans, assessment questions, quizzes, tests and simulations in science subjects including chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.

Mobile Apps

An educational app is essential in the world of teaching and education and it adds value to students' educational experience. A quality content of an app provides students with cognitive improvements in terms of challanging their problem solving skills, it provides continous development through the use of virtual rewards and promotes self-improvement. ATIR is currently developing mobile apps in science subjects.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of education belongs in technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vital part of an educational software. ATIR integrates AI within educational technology to observe students’ knowledge and learning patterns in order to improve problem solving and critical thinking skills and to mimic tutors. ATIR's educational packages provide:

  • personalised learning, giving teachers a better understanding of how their students learn
  • to form adaptive groups to balance one learner's weaknesses with another learner's strengths
  • to help students identify effective problem solving solving strategies
  • a Virtual Reality (VR) assisted learning environment provides students with a richer understanding of the materials
  • real time problem solving assessment

Interactive Technology

Virtual Learning Environment is an interactive classroom including additional web-resources, video-lectures, animated demonstrations and self-evaluation. Our successful educational solutions are based on learning objectives, various learning patterns, rich content and assessment strategies. ATIR is implementing STEM lesson plans that promote the development of methodological skills and competencies, investigation through experimentation, teamwork and communication among students through collaborative activities. Virtual Real Laboratories (VRL) are also essential part of online learning, especially when it comes to chemistry. The user becomes a participant in a virtually real laboratory, in an artificial three-dimensional optical environment through different sensory channels. Virtual laboratories are also a safe way to experience various chemical and medical experiments without any health and safety risks.