Developing Solutions to Industry and Academia

About us

ATIR is a technological innovation and research company, focusing on the enhancement of biomedical, nanotechnology and interactive education devices and solutions. ATIR will contribute to enhancing the tangible benefits of health, science and education sector from strategic investments in research and innovation. The company will also focus on continued partnership development, health, science and education platform collaborations, leadership of strategic initiatives with transformative impact, and catalysing knowledge translation and performance management as key tools in the uptake of research knowledge within the health, science and education system. Working collaboratively with all of these entities, ATIR will continue to examine its targeted sectors' needs (gaps in knowledge, devices used, practice) and develop opportunities of strategic importance that will result not only in the discovery of new knowledge, but also in the transfer and application of that knowledge. We are currently negotiating with Chinese biopharmaceutical companies and also moving in to markets in the Middle East and wider Asia.

  • Mission - To provide the Industry and Academia with high quality innovative devices
  • Skills - To provide opportunities to foster the development of future medical/biomedical, educational and nanotechnology research and innovation leaders, and prepare them to be drivers of change in diverse settings and environments.
  • Partners - ATIR aims to encourage networking across the medical, educational and nanotechnological research and innovation continuum.